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The Braman Family Foundation Lobby

When people enter the Village, we want them to know that our doors are open, and that our entrance awaits them. While the lobby may not be the place of congregation, it is the place of relief. It marks the moment of transition: from vulnerability to safety, from desperation to comfort, and from homelessness to home. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover; we say you can begin to change a life with a moment of total solace.

Intake Sanctuary, $500,000, Become the sponsor today!

A warm welcome and sense of safety are integral to helping women, youth and children make the transition from the streets to our shelter. The overwhelming majority of the women and youth we serve at Lotus House are victims of physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence, trafficking or other severe traumas, usually starting in childhood. Homelessness itself is traumatic, puts women and children at risk of further victimization, and makes families sick, as they experience dislocation from home and community, loss of important roles, social isolation and feelings of helplessness. Our intake sanctuary is their first introduction to Lotus House and we have created a loving refuge in this special space where tears transform to hopes for a better way of life. Your help makes this possible, with a security desk and reception, comfortable seating, soft music, soothing aromatherapy, and a play corner for the children. 

The intake sanctuary will include a special plaque recognizing the donor who makes this gift of peace to those who enter our threshold.

Urban Garden- $1,000,000, Become the sponsor today!

Our urban garden’s purpose is two-fold. First, it serves as a much-needed serene environment for our guests to spend time and reflect, and give them a quality outdoor space within the Village. Second, it contributes to a farm-to-table process in which the garden’s products are used in our David and Leila Centner Culinary Center and its training programs. Not only does the garden contribute to our guests’ well-rounded culinary knowledge and skills, but it allows us to engage in a healthier and more efficient mode of using food products, by being locally sourced and reducing waste. Everything green is an opportunity for learning, healing and growing.

Plaques will be installed in garden nooks throughout Lotus Village, honoring the donors helping to create these living healing spaces.


  • Morris and Anita Broad Meditation Garden
  • Children’s Gardens- $350,000, Become the sponsor!
  • Lotus Terrace- $350,000, Become the sponsor today!

Lotus Village includes lush green landscapes, soothing waterscapes, fountains and gardens that offers quiet refuges throughout the shelter and community grounds. Everything green is an opportunity for learning, healing and growing.

Plaques will be installed in garden nooks throughout Lotus Village, honoring the donors helping to create these living healing spaces.

Bilzin Sumberg, LLP Operations Support Center

Together, the operations facility and staff are the powerhouse of Lotus Village. Without them, the Village is not able to run. From electricity, to waste disposal, to technical repairs, the operations staff is what allows Lotus Village to continuously provide our services while remaining focused on our people rather than our eventual problems

Central Housekeeping- $250,000, Become the sponsor today!

A clean and livable environment is one of the first commodities that families and individuals must sacrifice in the face of homelessness. At Lotus Village, we reintroduce our guests to the importance of cleanliness in the living space, and secondly, reassure them that their livelihood is cared for on every level. By showing our guests that their health, wellbeing, and quality of life is valuable to us, we shape how they view their own value in return.

The Micky & Madeleine Arison Family Foundation Pavilion

The Pavilion is the heart and hub of nearly all daily activities at Lotus Village, where meals are served and group activities launched. From quiet nooks to coffee books, tea on the front porch, movies, performances, inspirational talks, and Lotus Village gatherings, the Pavilion is the social center of our resident community.

Isolation is so often the hallmark of homelessness. The goal of our Pavilion is to engage and promote social inclusion to assist individuals and families in feeling welcome, safe, valued, seen, and heard. Nighttime family movies, poetry readings, story telling, presentations and speakers, monthly concerts and dance performances, talent shows, birthdays, and holiday celebrations offer something for everyone to remember how good it feels to be in the world, surrounded by family and new friends.

Vivian Morera Healing Hands Salon 

Being homeless is one of the most isolating experiences women, youth and children can have. So often we hear from the women and youth that the loss of dignity, identity and social inclusion is more traumatic than the accompanying loss of material possessions. In the Vivian Morera Healing Hands Salon, our guests get the opportunity to restore both inner and outer beauty and a sense of self-worth for those who have struggled on the streets, to prep for that important upcoming interview, or to ensure that our youth and children do not stand out as uncared for when they go off to school. The salon offers basic skin, nail and hair care, along with a little old-fashioned and new-age nurturing. With the aid of professional salons, stylists, skin and nail specialists, and volunteers from the community, this salon reinforces what we already know—they matter—and rebuild their self-esteem, allowing everyone to look and feel valued and included again.

The Wildflower Foundation Yoga & Meditation Room and Zen Garden

The Yoga & Meditation Room is a room where our guests are be able to heal from within and allow them to express themselves through yoga, meditation, dance, movement, exercise and more.

The Martin Z. Margulies Foundation Art & Activities Lab

We have seen firsthand the healing power of art on so many levels, giving voice to those who have survived by being invisible, touching our creative source, and reminding us all of our profound interconnection. In the Lab, the arts are explored as alternative pathways to healing and creative expression. The Lab is equipped with paint and easels, needle and thread, brush and paper, wire and beads, and all matter of materials and the glue which holds us all together. Our full-time programming coordinators and ongoing collaborative working relationships with artists and arts organizations support offerings from the Lab in addition to a wide range of visiting artists and community volunteers.

The Lotspeich Education Center in honor of Jay Lotspeich

Knowledge is power—and we want to empower all those we serve with the tools and resources needed to achieve greater self-sufficiency and build a lasting foundation for success in the world. Our Lotspeich Family Education Center is outfitted to include 20 computer workstations, loaded with the software programs currently used by businesses, educational institutions, and the Miami Dade Public Library System (MDPLS), with full internet access and office support (e.g., printers, paper and basic supplies).

The facility offers programming from basic computers and adult education for graduation equivalency (GED) to English and Spanish literacy and more advanced computer training.

The Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD Family Rooms  

Lotus Village is dedicated to helping families; our facility is built with the sanctity of family bonds in mind. To that end, the family rooms are an important and integral part of everyday life for our children and families in the Village. A place to do homework, use computers, watch TV together and play, the family rooms are the heart and central gathering place of each residential program. The family rooms have every item that our guests could desire, but its most important attribute will be the memories that are shared within it. Our objective has been to create and foster a nurturing care, educational and social environment throughout the Village, with welcoming, child-friendly spaces in the rooms, living areas and gardens that support healing, growth and learning on every level for our children and families. Nowhere is this truer than in the family rooms.

Angela Whitman and Family Play Room

Our vision for the Angela Whitman and Family Play Room is much greater than just a room for fun. It is a room of growth, of love, of learning, and of exceeding expectations. During infancy and early childhood, children develop their capacity for trust, self-esteem, conscience, empathy, problem solving, focused learning and self-control. It is a time of intense growth and development in all areas, including a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development, laying the foundation for their success in school and later life. When their needs are met by positive and consistent early experiences with loving caregivers and nurturing environments—as those of our young guests will be—babies and young children thrive.

To learn more about becoming a sponsor and other donor opportunities, please contact