Lotus Village is a mixed-use “village” with combined state of the art shelter facilities and supportive services serving homeless individuals and families, as well as our Overtown neighborhood.

In Lotus Village, we have created a prototype for the future, in which shelter and services for those in need are fully integrated with the urban fabric of the neighborhood we call home. In addition to offering increased capacity with efficient design and land utilization, Lotus Village includes a holistic neighborhood health clinic, operated by Jessie Trice Community Health Center, and The Micky and Madeleine Arison Family Foundation Children’s Wellness Center, operated by United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education, serving Lotus House and our community.

The shelter facilities in Lotus Village, operated by Lotus House, are designed to accommodate high special needs individuals and families, including programs for youth, elders and the medically needy, a safe haven for those with severe trauma histories, pregnant women and infants, and families of all shapes and sizes. The Micky and Madeleine Arison Family Foundation Children’s Wellness Center offers child therapy services, nurturing parenting classes, a day care and playground. Food service and dining facilities include training programs for life skills and job readiness, in addition to meal preparation, dining and a wide range of social activities. A neighborhood health clinic offers a complement of basic and preventive health care, maternal and pediatric care, eye and dental care, behavioral health and wellness, and a wide range of health and wellness programming for the shelter and our Overtown neighborhood.

Deeply integrated in the fabric of our neighborhood, Lotus Village provides critical linkages to a network of service providers and resources in the larger community, empowering those we shelter and serve to build the foundation for enriched, happier and healthier lives.

Lotus Endowment – The Sponsor

The sponsor of the Lotus Village redevelopment project is Lotus Endowment Fund, Inc., a 501c3, non-profit charitable foundation formed and operated exclusively to support the Sundari Foundation, Inc. dba Lotus House, itself a 501c3, non-profit public charity dedicated to providing support, education, tools and resources to poor, disadvantaged and homeless women, youth and children in our community. Lotus Endowment owns, acquires, and improves all the land and facilities that are utilized by Lotus House, providing them to Sundari Foundation for $1 annually under a lease that renews in perpetuity provided the facilities include, among other purposes, a shelter and supportive services for homeless women, youth and children. The founders and the other board members and officers of Lotus Endowment are donors and serve as volunteers, entirely without compensation; all are deeply dedicated to the mission of the Endowment Fund, to assure that Lotus House will serve as a resource for those in need for generations to come.