Lotus Village includes four major programs operated by Lotus House providing shelter and support services to over 520 homeless women, youth, and children at a time, including:


Fostering positive youth development for youth ages 17-23 housed in a campus style setting, with comprehensive support services that emphasize educational and vocational supports to allow youth to thrive and complete high school/GED before going on to college, the service or vocational training and employment. Youth with infants and toddlers are also accommodated in this program, and are supported with a full range of services described in our Families Program.


This program houses high special needs families, including women who are pregnant, and their infants, toddlers, pre-school and school age children, with multi-faceted therapeutic and educational supports essential for children to succeed in school, as well as individual and family counseling, intensive resource coordination, social services advocacy, job readiness training and employment assistance, and permanent housing assistance to assist these fragile families in building the foundation for a stable future. For women who are pregnant or mothers with infants and toddlers, our enriched support services include infant mental health assessments, play therapy, parent/child therapy, nurturing parenting classes, as well as counseling and needed supports for mothers to promote healthy bonds of attachment and development.

Elders/Medically Needy 

We shelter women with high special needs, including serious medical and/or mental health issues, physical disabilities, developmental challenges, and our elders ages 62 and above, with no upper age limit.

Safe Haven

Providing sanctuary with intensive counseling and a comprehensive support system for women who are victims of crime, domestic violence, trafficking and/or with other serious trauma histories, to promote healing, building self esteem, life skill development, and educational and employment success for a brighter future.