The Health and Wellness Center, operated by Jessie Trice Community Health Center, is a community based, state of the art, holistic health care center, supporting and serving the children and families of Lotus House and our surrounding Overtown neighborhood. The clinic will provides basic primary and preventive health care, wellness exams, maternal and pediatric care, behavioral health care (psychiatric, counseling, and addiction recovery), eye care and dental services, and nutrition. For those needing specialty care, the Health and Wellness Center will serves as a gateway into the larger health system, making critical linkages to a network of providers likewise committed to providing life changing and life saving care for those in need.

Basic medical, dental and eye care, as well as mental health care and counseling, are an urgent priority for every woman, youth and child who enters Lotus House. Too often, we see first-hand the consequences of inadequate health care in those who cannot see or read properly, are afraid to smile because of missing teeth, or worse still, suffer from debilitating chronic or life threatening diseases, such as HIV. Virtually all of the women and youth accepted into the Lotus House suffer from untreated medical conditions, mental health issues, or both upon entry. Invariably, the children entering the shelter arrive with runny noses, sore throats, and more, sometimes with very serious illnesses. In some cases, such as those suffering from cancer or other severe medical conditions requiring prolonged treatment, these medical issues are the principal reason for the individual or family becoming homeless. For others, lack of access to mental health treatment and counseling has sentenced them to untold trauma and a life on the streets for decades. Ready access to affordable medical services and mental health care and counseling are among the most critical issues to be addressed in preventing and truly breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Health and wellness are the foundation upon which all else rests at Lotus House and integral to both preventing and ending homelessness. With a body, mind and spirit paradigm, Lotus House strives to address the medical and mental health needs of the individuals and families of Lotus House in holistic ways that are both supportive and empowering. This means our preventive health and wellness education will be closely aligned and integrated with healthy eating and life skills training in our David and Leila Centner Culinary Center and meal serviceLOTUS HEALTH AND WELLNESS CLINIC

  • Full Clinic- $5,000,000
  • Dental Clinic – $1,000,000
  • Dental Operatory/Sterilization Room- $100,000 per room (8 rooms)
  • Dental Office- $100,000 (1 room)
  • Medical Clinic- $3,500,000
  • Exams/Sterilization/Lab Rooms- $100,000 per room (9 rooms)
  • Medical Offices- $75-100,000 (3 offices)
  • Reception Waiting Area- $250,000
  • Reception- $150,000

The primary donor of the Health and Wellness Center may name the Health and Wellness Center and will be recognized with a plaque installed in a prominent location in the Health and Wellness Center. Other donor naming opportunities will be provided for individual rooms within the Health and Wellness Center.

A fundraising campaign can be spread over three to five years and can be timed to meet tax planning needs.