Lotus Endowment Fund is excited to announce the launch of a new initiative in the immediate vicinity of Lotus Village for a “Phase Two” development. Over the past several months, Lotus Endowment has made several strategic acquisitions of land to add what we affectionately call The Children’s Village at Lotus Village. Plans for The Children’s Village include:

  • a much needed and children’s garden, playground and outdoor recreational facilities for the many children and families sheltered by Lotus House; 
  • a new children’s services building with expanded educational and therapeutic facilities, including additional child and family therapies, resource coordination to link children and families to community resources, and our child centered service driven research; 
  • a possible preschool for children from Lotus House and our Overtown neighborhood; 
  • an innovation and resource center for collaborating Overtown based non-profits focused on children and youth serving both the children of Lotus House and our neighborhood, making The Children’s Village a hub for programming, supportive services and resources for children and families in Overtown; and
  • much needed community support facilities for the shelter’s core operations and the important work of Lotus House Thrift, providing job readiness training, clothing, move-out furnishings and more for sheltered women and children.

In The Children’s Village, Lotus Endowment continues and deepens its commitment to the important work of Lotus House changing and transforming the trauma of homelessness into a window of opportunity for children to heal, learn, grow and thrive and preventing and ending homelessness. 

During the pandemic, the numbers of women and children sheltered by Lotus House continued to grow. Our children need room to play and work ~ remembering children’s work is play! The Children’s Village will allow us to more deeply support our neighborhood children at the same time we provide additional space needed by the shelter to operate in the “new normal.” The new facilities will include community support facilities for other Overtown based, non-profit collaborating organizations supporting children and youth, the shelter’s core operations and the important work of Lotus House Thrift, providing job readiness training, clothing and move-out furnishings for sheltered women and children. In adding The Children’s Village to Lotus Village, we have the opportunity to situate Lotus House properly for many generations into the future, at the same time we uplift our neighborhood. 

We invite you to join in our new Children’s Village Capital Campaign. The flexibility of our endowment allows donors to tailor their giving to specific programs aligned with their philanthropic goals. Gifts may come in the form of appreciated stock, providing extra tax advantages for donors, but as always, we are available and happy to meet in person or via zoom to discuss ways you can make a difference in the lives of thousands of children in need and a lasting legacy of love in The Children’s Village

Constance Collins, Executive Director



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